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Hymenoplasty is not strictly considered as a branch of cosmetic gynaecology, but the procedure is surgical and requires expertise.

Hymenoplasty or Hymen Reconstruction

Cultural factors are prime reason for the existence of the procedure of hymenoplasty itself. Literally dubbed as “Born again virgin” surgery, in many countries this procedure is undertaken for the woman to have the appearance of a virgin. The hymen is a natural membrane that stretches in the vagina, and usually tears during sexual intercourse. Hence the existence of the hymen is considered as a proof of virginity in several cultures, though it is well known that the hymen may rupture even with aggressive athletic activities, like horse riding. At Pearl Health, when a client comes forward with a request for restoring the hymen, the entire procedure is done in one sitting and there is very little recovery time and the client can maintain outpatient status.

Cultural Sensitivity at Pearl

Many cultures stipulate that the woman be a virgin at the time of marriage, and hence hymenoplasty comes to the benefit in these cases. Total discretion is observed at Pearl Health and the sensitivities of the client are preserved through this procedure.

Hymenoplasty has been performed on rape and trauma survivors too, and this procedure helps lend a form of closure to the clients, and goes a long way to emotionally embolden them and get on with their lives in the most positive attitude possible.