Pearl health offers a complete range of medical and surgical aesthetic and
cosmetic solutions for body, skin and hair- all under a single roof at
affordable prices. We believe that you are unique and appearance matter
to us. We provide a healthy treatment towards “beautiful transformations”… .

In pearl health, We help our patients to understand the treatment procedure
and provide a complete case study of their clinical issue. We give
a personal health care relationships with our clients. When you come
to Pearl you will be assured that you are in safe and experienced hands.
Pearl is the choice for utmost perfection.

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With the team of best doctors on board, let your troubles be a thing of past.

Body Care

Our qualified nutritionists and diet specialists provide customized treatment for every ailment.We adopt a comprehensive approach to deal with every body type and believe in personalized treatments.

Skin Care

Since every skin type responds differently to the same treatment, our dermatologists exercise their expertise to tackle every skin affliction in a unique fashion. In addition, our treatment also rejuvenates and replenishes your skin.

Hair Care

The health of a person directly reflects in that of their hair. Our hair care experts address a variety of issues like hair loss, hair thinning, etc. and formulate treatment best suited to the nature of the problem at hand.

Dental/Smile Care

Your smile plays a predominant role in forging a good first impression! Our personalized solutions help you restore your pearly whites back to their pristine state.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is much preferred due to its long-lasting results for a variety of problems.Performed by experts, laser treatments are carried out with utmost precision and care, with your safety in mind.

Surgical Treatment

With the best of trained and experienced surgeons, our topmost priority is your safety. Every rule and regulation is meticulously observed to ensure your wellbeing and produce good results, with the little to no side-effects. We also recommend follow-up’s whenever necessary.


We always strive for excellence and are proud of our accomplishments in helping our customers lead better, more satisfied lives.

Our patients’ well-being is of utmost importance to us. We provide nothing but the best of services,with professionals that are well qualified and have great expertise in the field. Rest assured, we look forward to helping you attain a happier life.

Pearl Health Team is a group of accomplished professionals. Our holistic approach towards treatment looks to integrate dentists, nutritionists, therapists, and wellness counsellors to design personal cosmetic treatments and wellness packages to suit individual needs. We are equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and can treat a wide array of onditions/disorders, all with the least side-effects. Our cosmetic techniques come with little to no intrusion. We consider your well-being and satisfaction to be of great importance and offer personalised healthcare to each and every customer.





Everything is positive and good going..The way of clinic presentation is good.. Especially Doctor answers the patients without any hesitations even if we ask ‘n’ number of questions.
After my second childbirth, I weighed over 70kgs. I tried everything from aerobics to yoga. I was able to get rid of some fat from my arms, thighs and legs, yet my belly looked as if I was still 7 months pregnant. I had heard of surgical procedures from my friends but I was scared stiff and was worried about the side effects. It was my husband who took the initiative to bring me to Dr M Sasikumar who put my worries to rest and explained to me in detail the whole procedure. The Abdominoplasty or tummytuck procedure he performed helped me regain shape and my confidence level is back. I thank him for all his support and wish him all success. I will highly recommend my surggeon who are in need of abdominoplasty
I had unergone liposuction of love handles. Dr Sasikumar M was so receptive and gave all necessay explanation before surgery which helped me a lot. I am very satisfied and will recomend him.
A school teacher by profession , I had accidental burns which went on to development of contracture. This restricted my neck mobility very much and i was not able to look up. I then consulted Dr M Sasikumar a Plastic Surgeon. He explained in detail the need for release and skin cover. Further he explained aboout the post operative scar which was so reassuring. After a few investigations i was then operated by him and his team Consisting of Dr R Selvan another Plastic surgeon and Dr Ravikumar , Anesthetist. I feel a lot better now and thank the efforts and care given to me by Dr M Sasikumar.

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Pearl Health offers standard international beauty procedures right here in Chennai. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries are usually known for their expert precision, artistry, and cutting-edge technology. Pearl Health offers seamless service that begins with educating [...]

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